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Owners The WRAP-ADAPTOR concept was concieved during a squat workout in 2003 by inventor Jason Murphy.  Jason was working out with four of his buddies and they were all wrapping their knees in preparation for a meet.  After hand rolling the wraps through several sets, they all came to the conclusion that there had to be a better way.  After a little thought,  Jason came up with an idea. He drew up a design and gave it to a friend to have a prototype fabricated.  The prototype was completed and it was time to give it a try.  The Wrapadaptor worked great and with it, a faster, easier way to roll a knee wrap was born!   After giving it a try, you will also see that the WRAP-ADAPTOR IS the fastest and most efficient way to TIGHTLY roll knee wraps! 
Some of the greatest powerlifters in history have utilized the WRAP-ADAPTOR while achieving their historic lifts.   Among the list of lifters include  Chuck Fought, Matt Wenning, Dave Hoff, Phil Harrington, and the legendary Chuck Vogelpohl.  Both Chuck Vogelpohl and Chuck Fought used the WRAP-ADAPTOR during their world record lifts!

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